Prince’s departure was an unimaginable loss to many people around the world and especially in our tight music community; and the rush of tributes was the very least, many musicians and groups could do to express their genuine sadness.


Rebecca Arons and I, along with the musicians of STRINGenius, started our collaboration with Prince in March 2013. During these three years we learned so much about the artist, the man, the genius and his music. We, too, were driven to create some closure through music in honor of the man, but there was not a song by Prince we felt we could have done justice to, without the artist himself...


So, this piece, created in Prince’ honor, is an orchestral soundscape-- an “ode” of sorts that highlights a few familiar moments from a couple of his songs. This is not an arrangement or a cover, but a collection of ideas in an idiom that Prince loved so much and wanted to feature again and again in his music.


This stellar 20-piece ensemble, assembled by Rebecca Arons, along with Guitarist Cory Wong, will create a musical requiem for one Minnesota man— a champion of musical talent and lover of great music.


We are fortunate to have Creation Audio with Steve Wiese and engineer
Miles Hanson, along with producer Michael Nelson to recreate the ‘old days’ one last time...